Something delicious for everyone

We have carefully created our menu over the years, adapted & refined the dishes and are now pleased to say that it offers something for everyone and for all meal times, whether you are after a tasty breakfast to start your day or a light evening meal to finish off a long busy day, we have you covered.

Our Starters, main courses & desserts are changed on a weekly basis and are available for you to see on our main chalkboard in the restaurant. If you would like to know what is available when you are going to visit then please call us.

Click below to open our takeaway menu. You can then save it to your device.

Soft Drinks

Our selection of still & carbonated soft drinks.


Alcoholic drinks that are wine based.


Fruity, fresh & delicious. We have some wonderful ciders.


Made with fresh fruit & blended perfectly. Our smoothies are fantastic.


Alcoholic & delicious. mixed to perfection by our team.

Local Beers

Mainly local beers with some imported flavours too.

British Ales

A great selection of real British ales that are imported and cold stored.

American Craft Beers

Amazing craft beers that are cold shipped to preserve their freshness.

White Wine

Crisp and sharp, Smooth and fruity our white wines are second to none.

Red Wines

Crisp and sharp, Smooth and fruity our red wines are second to none.

Sparkling Wine

A selection of sparkling wines that are available from Italy. Delicious and bubbly.


Start your day the right way with a delicious Palm Bistro breakfast.

Thai Menu

Delicious Thai dishes cooked to perfection by our talented chefs.


Thin & crispy, Italian style pizzas cooked to perfection in our pizza ovens.

Light Bites

Perfect for a quick lunch, light meal or even take away.